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Restaurant TWIST as the hotel's centrepiece
Food that cheers you up!

Corinne Denzler, CEO of the Tschuggen Hotel Group
“The atmosphere will be relaxed and laid back - and this applies to the kitchen as well. The products on plates will convey the joy of healthy eating in an informal manner. The food we offer is aimed at gourmets, fans of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and curious and conscious Epicureans. In this way, the Twist menu will represent an attractive complement to the existing restaurants in Arosa.”

Restaurant Twist is the centrepiece of the new Valsana Hotel & Appartements. Lobby, lounge, restaurant and bar merge into an expansive open space, which forms Arosa's new “living room”.
“Our aim was to create a relaxed atmosphere”, explains Dr. Götz Bechtolsheimer who is a member of the family that owns the hotel. “We only used luxury where we felt it made sense. The rest is more easy-going, reflecting what guests are used to at home.” Fitting in with the striking appearance of the hotel with its wood façade and stone arcades, the food concept is varied and cosmopolitan. Flexible offers and variations on the food and drink offered on the menu mean that an appropriate solution can be found for any taste.

Restaurant TWIST - simply good!

Those responsible for the new food concept explain that the main aim when processing food is to preserve the original taste. Two highlights of the test meal prior to opening were the grilled organic highland beef entrecôte with a herby garlic marinade and Valsana butter, and the delectable sweet vegan raw chocolate brownie served with coconut/chocolate mousse and mango sorbet. At the Valsana, sustainability is an essential part not only of the energy concept, but also of the kitchen. The main focus is on supporting local suppliers: available products are sourced directly and prepared with a contemporary touch. There are always healthy wheat- and lactose-free alternatives to dishes on the menu. The restaurant is particularly proud of its wide selection of balanced and varied “bowls” that offer a delicious combination of everything that makes your body feel good. Soup bowls, salad bowls and traditional bowls are arranged in a varied and individual manner. In keeping with this uncomplicated and relaxed approach, the modern wine dispenser, with a selection of wines from Graubünden and Europe, invites guests to taste the wines spontaneously in three different sample sizes.
Guests at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa can also enjoy the Twist menu, designed, inter alia, by Executive Chef Uwe Seegert, when they eat at the Valsana as part of the Dine Around programme.

The cultural programme

Weekly film nights, regular live concerts, DJ evenings, and the option of sitting in front of the antique fireplace (from a historical French manor) with a good book, complete the cultural offer of the new restaurant. Just like at home, there are no strict rules here - the main aim is for guests to feel comfortable.
The hotel has 40 rooms and suites, and nine family apartments, each with a striking wooden balcony, thus giving the three-sectioned building the appearance of a “floating wooden cube”. While the enormous sun terrace in front of the restaurant provides an unobstructed view of the mountain peaks opposite, the spa facilities, on 800 square metres and with their position and oversized panoramic windows, form a direct transition to the neighbouring forest.

Welcome to Arosa’s living room!

Picture caption: Raw chocolate brownies served with coconut/chocolate mousse and mango sorbet - current food trends are adopted and then presented in sometimes surprising combinations with delicious wheat- and lactose-free alternatives.

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