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Hotel Eden Roc & Albergo Carcani

The Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona started as a small hotel on the shore of Lake Maggiore, and developed into a luxury resort that, with three buildings, 95 guest rooms and suites, four restaurants, and a 2000 m2 spa, has already been named Switzerland's most beautiful holiday hotel several times. The following provides an overview of the most important events in the history of the fourth member of the Tschuggen Hotel Group:

Hotel Eden Roc


The Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona opened, offering both hotel rooms and holiday apartments


The Kipp-Bechtolsheimer family acquired the Hotel Eden Roc. After the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, the former Sporthotel Valsana, and the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz, the five-star hotel in Ascona was the fourth member of the Swiss Tschuggen Hotel Group.

Hotel Eden Roc


With the acquisition of the neighbouring Hotel Europa and the historical house La Casetta, the capacity of the award-winning luxury hotel increased to 79 rooms and suites.

Hotel Eden Roc


The resort was expanded further when the Kipp-Bechtolsheimer family took over the adjoining Hotel Ascolago with its 16 rooms, spacious restaurant, and jetty, connected it to the main building, and renamed it the Eden Roc Marina.

Albergo Carcani Ascona


A further hotel joined the Group with the acquisition of the Hotel Carcani on Ascona's main piazza. Following a five-month period of complete renovation, the hotel reopened in spring 2012 as Albergo Carcani. The Tschuggen Hotel Group has been leasing out the Albergo Carcani since November 2020.

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