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Restoring time’s true value -

through conscious indulgence, turning the unexpected into treasured memories.


The Family-run Tschuggen Hotel Group offers superlative hotel experiences. All our employees are passionate hosts guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of their social and environmental responsibility.


We reward our guests’ search for the exceptional, the unforeseen and the stylishly inspiring.


As hosts we convey a discreet familiarity and gracious attentiveness. Guided by a willingness to innovate and the highest demands for quality, we create the unseen and the unexpected to awaken our guests’ curiosity.


Our hotels, in prime locations framed by Alpine landscapes, bring magical and unforgettable experiences alive. Our creatively curated rooms are worth a journey in themselves. Mesmerizing natural sceneries provide the backdrop to conscious indulgences rooted in sustainable pleasure.

Tschuggen Hotel Group