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Breathtaking views, clean air and crystal clear waters surround the properties of the Tschuggen Hotel Group. The lasting protection of the environment is crucial to us. With sustainable construction projects, an optimized use of resources, proper training for our employees and local connections we act upon our own responsibility. We are convinced that several measures are necessary for a more sustainable use of environmental resources.

The following measures are currently taken: 

  • Goal-setting with the Enaw agency for the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions
  • A new energy concept based on an ice battery has been implemented during the renovation of the Valsana Hotel & Appartements. No fossil energy is used for heating.
  • Power from Alpine hydro energy is used exclusively
  • Heat exchanger and heat recovery for the ventilation and sewage system
  • Mostly state-of-the-art appliances are used that fulfill all regulation in regard to environmental protection
  • Use and continuous replacement of light bulbs to LED and energy saving bulbs
  • Automatic light system though motion and daylight sensors as well as timers
  • Replacement of older appliances with modern, low-energy appliances (TVs, Minibar, kitchen appliances, washing machines etc.)
  • Use of aerators in all faucets and shower heads to reduce the use of drinking water
  • Strict separation of garbage and consequent recycling of all materials
  • Reduction of laundry loads through the use of laundry cards
  • Collaboration with local producers and suppliers wherever possible
  • Sustainable procurement of food with a focus of organic ingredients and certified fishing
  • Reduction of food packaging at the buffets
  • Use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning materials
  • Reduction of the use of plastic
  • Charging stations for electronic vehicles at all hotels
  • No plastic bottles in the hotel rooms and the fitness areas