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Benefit 3

For the perfect balance

Enjoy our services yourself and stay in all the hotels of the Tschuggen Hotel Group at an attractive special discount. As a member of Swiss Deluxe Hotels, we also offer our employees preferential rates at all SD hotels throughout Switzerland.

Benefit 5

For enjoyable moments

A successful evening with colleagues and friends! In the various restaurants and bars within the hotel group, you receive discounts on food and drinks for a maximum of 4 people.

Benefit 4

For your own well-being

Work out free of charge in the evening in the fitness studios of the Arosa mountain hotels or take part in yoga sessions. You receive a 40 percent discount on all wellness treatments and massages.

Benefit 2

For a relaxed leisure time

Our comfortable, modern staff accommodation is located in close proximity to the hotels and is fully furnished. 

Benefit 7

For healthy catering

In the newly renovated canteens we offer freshly prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Hot and cold drinks are included.

Benefit 8

For fun and team spirit

A variety of team events take place regularly, such as poker nights, yoga, outdoor activities, Christmas and season-end parties.

Benefit 10

For knowledge and information

With our Information Hub, you can always stay in the loop and find out about a wide range of different departments and processes. As an ISO-certified company, we meet high standards and quality requirements.

Benefit 9

For your daily needs

Our employees receive special discounts in various shops in Arosa, St. Moritz and Ascona. Cooperations with numerous partners also allow for reduced prices, for example when buying a car or with a mobile phone network provider. 

Tschuggen Hotel Group