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Tschuggen Hotel Group is climate-neutral

The buildings owned by the Tschuggen Hotel Group are located in the midst of impressive natural scenery and we are convinced that climate change and environmental protection are the greatest challenges of our time. That is why we have launched a partnership with the myclimate foundation and have been completely climate-neutral from 2019 onwards.

We have significantly reduced the CO2 emissions of all of our hotels thanks to sustainable construction activity, the optimised use of resources, local connections and the provision of training to and the raising of awareness of our employees on relevant subjects. In addition, we offset unavoidable emissions by financing myclimate climate protection projects in Switzerland and in Rwanda.

 Our sustainability management plan ensures the implementation of all measures. Learn more about it here.


myclimate partnership 

  • Maximum reduction of the COemissions from all of our buildings
  • CO2-neutrality from check-in to check-out

  • The offsetting of unavoidable CO2 emissions finances the following climate protection projects:


Cause We Care

Cause We Care Initiative

  • Guests are given the opportunity to offset the emissions generated by their journeys to and from our hotels. There are four categories and corresponding prices:
    From Switzerland by car, from Europe by car, from Europe by plane and from overseas by plane 

  • The money you pay to offset your emissions will be donated in full to the myclimate mountain gorilla project in Rwanda


Tschuggen Hotel Group Arrival


  • Pick up service for guests arriving by train
  • Free charging stations for electric vehicles for guests
  • Shuttle service
Tschuggen Hotel Group Rooms


  • Recycling of coffee capsules
  • Organic Coffee
  • Regional Minibar Products
  • Recycling of soaps
  • Conversion to low-energy equipment
Tschuggen Hotel Group bathroom-spa

Bathroom & Spa

Tschuggen Hotel Group Restaurant


  • Sourcing of sustainable food (meat from free-range animals, certified fishing operations)
  • Breakfast buffet with regional specialities
  • Minimisation of food packaging in the buffets
  • Kitchen waste is provided to producers of biogas fuel
  • No PET bottles
Tschuggen Hotel Group Products


  • Use of local producers and suppliers
  • Predominantly Swiss products and animal products from animal-friendly and certified operations
Tschuggen Hotel Group Hotel


  • Use of eco-certified cleaning agents
  • Use of electricity generated exclusively from alpine hydropower
  • Strict separation of waste and the systematic recycling of all materials
  • Use of heat exchangers and heat recovery systems for ventilation and wastewater
  • Ongoing conversion to technical systems that reduce energy consumption
Tschuggen Hotel Communication


  • Predominantly paperless internal and external communication
  • Printed brochures consist of 100 % recycled paper, bleached without chlorine
  • Provision of regular employee training sessions on various sustainability issues

Our sustainability flagship

Sustainability is the main focus of our Valsana Hotel Arosa. During the construction of the new building (opened in December 2017), we attached particular importance to using sustainable materials, products from Switzerland and a forward-looking energy concept.

Thanks to the ice battery in the cellar, the entire building complex can be heated without the need for fossil fuels. The hotel thus generates practically no CO2 emissions – ensuring that guests have a good conscience when staying with us.

Tschuggen Hotel Group