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Sustainability can be this charming

Breathtaking views, clean air and crystal clear waters surround the properties of the Tschuggen Hotel Group. The lasting protection of the environment is crucial to us. With sustainable construction projects, an optimized use of resources, proper training for our employees and local connections we act upon our own responsibility.

We are convinced that several measures are necessary for a more sustainable use of environmental resources.

Tschuggen Hotel Communication


  • Predominantly paperless internal and external communication
  • Printed brochures consist of 100 % recycled paper, bleached without chlorine
Tschuggen Hotel Group Arrival


  • Pick up service for guests arriving by train
  • Free charging stations for electric vehicles for guests
  • Shuttle service
Tschuggen Hotel Group Rooms


Tschuggen Hotel Group bathroom-spa

Bathroom & Spa

  • Reduction of use of drinking water by means of aerators in taps
  • Hand towels and bath towels are only replaced and washed if guests leave them on the floor
Tschuggen Hotel Group Restaurant


  • No PET bottles
  • No plastic straws
  • Reduction of food packaging on the buffets
  • Kitchen waste is sent to producers of biogas fuels
Tschuggen Hotel Group Products


  • Use of local producers and suppliers
  • Predominantly Swiss products and animal products from animal-friendly and certified operations
  • Sustainable procurement of food with a focus of organic ingredients and certified fishing
Tschuggen Hotel Group Hotel


  • Use of energy-saving LED lights and motion sensors
  • Use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning materials from Diversey
  • Certified energy generated from hydropower
  • Strict separation of waste
  • Heat exchanger and heat recovery for the ventilation and sewage system
  • Mostly state-of-the-art appliances are used that fulfill all regulation in regard to environmental protection

One step further

When constructing the new Valsana Hotel & Appartements building, we paid special attention to sustainable materials, products from Switzerland, and a forward-looking energy concept to ensure our guests can enjoy their stay with a clear conscience.

More about the Valsana energy concept and their ice battery