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The Bechtolsheimer-Kipp family has been welcoming guests to the Tschuggen Hotel Group's establishments since 1980. Each hotel offers comfort and service to an extremely high standard, and all occupy very special locations.

Find out more about the exciting history of our hotels here.

Tschuggen Grand Hotel Valsana Hotel & Appartements Arosa Carlton Hotel St. Moritz Hotel Eden Roc

Significant milestones in the history of the Tschuggen Hotel Group:

Tschuggen Hotel Group Ehemaliges Tschuggen Grand Hotel


Karl-Heinz Kipp (1924 – 2017) acquired the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa. The original building, which dated from 1929, had been completely rebuilt after a major fire in 1966 and had reopened successfully in 1970. This first jewel, now renowned around the world for the impressive Tschuggen Bergoase designed by Mario Botta, lent its name to the hotel group. In the meantime, the Tschuggen Hotel Group with its five establishments has become a fixed institution in the Swiss hotel business.

Sporthotel Valsana Arosa


The four-star Valsana hotel in Arosa joined the group. With its outstanding location at the entrance to the village and its stunning park-like grounds, it provided a sports-oriented complement to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel.

Calton Hotel St. Moritz


The Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz, which had opened in 1913, was offered to the Group for sale. It was love at first sight for this beautiful and traditional hotel with its sunny location and fantastic view of Lake St. Moritz. With the Kipp-Bechtolsheimer family, the hotel had found owners with both the courage and the persistence to restore it to the ranks of the resort's top hotels. 

Hotel Eden Roc Ascona


This was followed by the Hotel Eden Roc on the shore of Lake Maggiore in Ascona. Combined with the Mediterranean climate of Ticino and mild temperatures even in winter, the luxury hotel was the perfect complement to the winter sports hotels.

Hotel Eden roc Ascona


With the acquisition of the neighbouring, previously four-star Hotel Europa, the capacity of the Hotel Eden Roc doubled.

Calton Hotel St. Moritz


The Carlton Hotel reopened after a complete renovation that had lasted 18 months. There are now 60 suites that all have a view over Lake St. Moritz.

Hotel Eden Roc Ascona


The resort on Lake Maggiore expanded once again when the Kipp-Bechtolsheimer family took over the adjoining former Hotel Ascolago with its 16 rooms and spacious restaurant, connected it to the main building, and renamed it Eden Roc Marina.

Albergo Carcani Ascona


A further hotel joined the Group with the acquisition of the Hotel Carcani on Ascona’s main piazza. Following a five-month period of complete renovation, the hotel reopened in spring 2012 as Albergo Carcani.

Sporthotel Valsana & Appartements


After intensive evaluations, the decision was made to completely renovate the 100-year-old Sporthotel Valsana. The hotel's indoor tennis centre was to remain as it was.

Valsana Hotel & Appartements


The Valsana Hotel Arosa opened. In addition to 40 hotel rooms and 9 apartments with hotel service, there are attractive arcades with a supermarket, sports shop and doctors’ surgeries on the ground floor. The hotel's sun terrace on the level above offers a fantastic view of the surrounding mountain peaks.

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